MEHDI, 24 years old                                                                                                 NOUR, 24 years old

We are Discoverntravel, two ambitious people who started travelling together and didn’t give it up. In the process of working with amazing staff, agents, travel operators, property owners and other business partners, we have been able to create a network of tourist proposals in several countries.

Discoverntravel‘s founders, Nour and Mehdi are not only frequent travelers but also got a master’s degree from the higher international institute of tourism in Tangier in order to deepen their knowledge and share many tips and news to help you make the most of travel.

We are the author of numerous publications and present in social media which aims to share our passion for travel through the mind-blowing destinations. Moreover, via this blog, we will try to connect you with communities and cultures, beyond your phone and give you an opportunity to experience and discover something new; whether it be a new culture, a place, a passion or even discover “YOURSELF”.

We realize our promises and want to make travelling affordable to everyone including you.


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