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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon : did they really exist?

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a group of gardens located in the ancient city of Babylon, Iraq. Their beauties made them inscribed on the ancient lists of the wonders of the world, and nowadays they appear on the canonical list. But despite their descriptions by various authoritative persons, this wonder of the world is …


The 9 best destinations for a solo trip

Promises of absolute freedom and reconnection with oneself, discover the eight best destinations for a solitary journey. Solitary travel has a special connotation. It is never insignificant. It responds to personal and individual aspirations, but one thing is certain: it transforms the individual. Lonely travelers never stop saying it: they always come back incredibly enriched, …


Top 6 mythical roads to be visited by motorbike 

There are some qualities that make a road easy to ride a motorcycle and offer an unforgettable experience. A smooth surface is one of the most important factors: unless they prefer off-roading, motorcyclists enjoy the tarmac! Superb scenery is an added bonus. Beautiful winding roads are always a favorite: taking bends while leaning over is …


Top 5 ecotourism activities to do in the world

You wish to visit the world differently, respecting the environment and local culture? Then discover the 5 best ecotourism activities to do in the world! Contrary to traditional tourist activities, ecotourism is mainly oriented towards the discovery and preservation of nature and the promotion of local cultures. This concept has become more and more popular …


8 Cities where to drink a very good coffee

The Arabs of the 15th century were the first to cultivate coffee before the espresso machine was marketed worldwide at the end of the 19th century. Coffee has been established everywhere since then. “People are increasingly interested in where the coffee beans come from and how they are harvested and roasted,” says New Zealand barista …


The 7 wonders of nature: exceptional phenomena

There are many natural landscapes in the countries of the world that are remarkable both for their formation and their beauty. Here are seven of them. There are already classifications that group together the most extraordinary buildings on the planet, both in the ancient and modern eras. But there are sites and phenomena in nature …

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