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Africa Travel

25 Beautiful places to visit in South Africa

Attracted by South Africa, one of the most beautiful countries on the African continent? We understand you! Here are the 25 most beautiful places to discover! South Africa is a country with a history tormented by Apartheid; from this sometimes-violent colonial past, this nation considered as the most developed on the African continent still keeps …

South America Travel

Most 11 important things to do in Argentina

Are you planning to visit Argentina? The breathtaking beauty of the landscapes and the generosity of the inhabitants will never cease to seduce you! Discover our selection of 11 must-see places! The simple word Argentina conjures up images that are as grandiose as they are contrasting. Tango, Patagonia, the Andes, wine and football are all …

Africa Travel

Bewitching landscapes : 12 Beautiful spots in Namibia

In the heart of southern Africa, Namibia offers sumptuous panoramas, between arid deserts, steep coasts beaten by the waves and sand dunes undulating ad infinitum. Spot cheetahs on a safari in Etosha, learn about world history from the petroglyphs of Twyfelfontein or try your hand at sandboarding in Swakopmund. This wonderfully wild country is one …

Asia Travel

Bangalore : What are the best places to see and visit ?

Every year, thousands of tourists fly to India, the country of spirituality. Indeed, some even say that India and its people bring a new perspective on life. There are many, many places to go, all with a special atmosphere. The city of Bangalore, capital of Karnataka, is a mega-metropolis with a cosmopolitan character that never …

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With its fake postcard look, turquoise waters teeming with colourful fish and lush vegetation, the Maldives is the archetypal Garden of Eden. A star destination for honeymooners and inveterate divers, the Maldives welcomes more and more families who don’t hesitate to take an 11-hour flight to enjoy its beaches and dreamy climate. While most of …

Europe Travel

What are the best things to do and see in  Liverpool ?

If you’re a football fan or have a passion for the Beatles, you most likely have at least one thing in common – the city of Liverpool. While the city is generally known for attracting melancholy, Liverpool is now resolutely looking to the future. Thanks to its strategic geographical location, Liverpool can be discovered through …

Europe Travel

12 Beautiful places to visit in SCOTLAND

Scotland is a country of incredible imagination, rich Celtic legends and a growing reputation. Yet of the discreet kind, this country has a lot to offer its visitors. Whether you are an adventurous tourist, gastronomic, cultural or historical, Scotland is the perfect country to get away from it all. Scotland’s history is eventful with the …

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