The island of Zanzibar is located in Africa a few kilometres from the east coast of Tanzania. It is an archipelago consisting mainly of two large islands which are the island of Pemba and the island of Unguja as well as a few islets all around. It is known for its mixed cultures, at the same time African, Arab, Asian and British. It is an ideal holiday destination with its beautiful beaches and coastline. The town of Stonetown is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the multitude of its historical heritages such as Sultan Barghash’s Palis of 1883, the House of Wonders.

Through this blog, we seek to bring you the best of the Zanzibarite experience, it is well organized and will make your stay very enjoyable. Here are then 10 best places and activities to discover in this exceptional archipelago

   1- Visit Stone Town and Prison Island

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The old town is full of beautiful monuments, sometimes luxurious, often full of history. Mosques, Hindu temples, palaces from the Omani period, colonial buildings, every detour through the alleyways is full of surprises.

There is nothing like getting lost in this maze of small, lively streets, sometimes ramshackle, other times tidy, but always full of charm. The influences are so intertwined that it emerges a unique identity, unpublished even if each element taken independently reminds us of other journeys.

Once in Stone Town, you can easily get to Prison Island, which is nothing less than a sanctuary for very impressive land turtles.

2- Mnemba Island

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After Stone Town, it’s a whole other facet of the island that appears … And visiting Zanzibar also necessarily goes through these beautiful beaches. It is besides these places which make the reputation of the archipelago …

It is from a heavenly beach, mainly occupied by fishermen, that you take a boat to Mnemba Island.

It takes less than 10 minutes by boat to reach Mnemba Island, Zanzibar’s paradise. Mnemba Island is a private island where you can enjoy the :

  • white sand
  • crystalline water
  • possibility of swimming whatever the tide is
  • the island is a nesting site for sea turtles.
  • dream villa by the sea
  • best snorkeling spot in Zanzibar

Visiting Zanzibar without doing a snorkeling trip off Mnemba Island would be a big mistake! It is the most beautiful spot of the archipelago.

3- Matemwe

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Located a few kilometres further south, Matemwe is a small fishing village that is bustling with activity, especially at the beach. A visit to Zanzibar is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the small villages close to the beaches. The most interesting part is near the fish market of Matemwe. A fish market not to be missed! To be seen in the morning or early afternoon for the activity.

4- Jozani Park

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Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is a 50 km2 national park located on Unguja Island in the Zanzibar Archipelago in Tanzania. It is the only national park in Zanzibar. In 2016, it was recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

This reserve is best known for being home to a large population of Zanzibar red colobus. This species of monkey has become the emblem of the conservation of this park. You can also benefit from a guided tour for 10$+tips.

 5- Tumbatu Island

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Tumbatu island is a beautiful island, cool. The water is very calm and crystal clear. It has several bars and restaurants and street vendors where you can enjoy the atmosphere with music.

  6- The rock bar restaurant

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This restaurant known as one of the most unusual in the world is magical. At the top of this small rock, there is a small restaurant and a terrace where you can stroll. It proposes you specialities of the island. I recommend you to take the “the rock special”, a huge plate that you can share with two of fish, sea cicadas, lobsters, crayfish, squid and shrimps. Service is also available. Then sit down for coffee on the terrace and enjoy the view. The must is to go there on foot at low tide and leave with your feet in the water or in a pirogue. A place not to be missed if you are staying on the island.

7- Jambiani

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Jambiani, another fishing village a little further south. The beach of Jambiani is quite lively and known for its seaweed culture. Here you can spend a morning at sea with one of the fishermen on a tiny dhow. A simple line wrapped around a small piece of wood. After a few tens of minutes of fishing, the fish are numerous.

After having spent an excellent morning on this beach, I was getting ready to watch a sunset and a sunrise at sea. Hard to get tired of it.

    8- Kizimkazi

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Kizimkazi beach is bustling with activity, yet it is quite small. It forms a kind of small bay, filled with fishing boats. The comings and goings of fishermen follow one another. The fruit of the peach is sold on the beach, sometimes even directly from the boat. Some buyers rush to the boats that arrive to be the first to choose.

In some corners of the beach, fish are cut and emptied. In other places, a barbecue is improvised to grill 2-3 fish. On the trees? We let some fish dry. In short, Kizimkazi is a fishing village. Even more than elsewhere in Zanzibar. It’s hard not to realize it!

 9- Seaweed center : the algues of Zanzibar

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Seaweed cultivation is one of the important economic levers of Zanzibar because of the exceptional conditions due to the reef. In Paje, the Seaweed center employs many women artisans who plant, maintain and harvest seaweed. They are then cleaned and dried to produce high quality natural cosmetics. The center is open to travelers for a visit of about 1 hour: meeting the women with their feet in the water, discovering the manufacturing workshop and selling products.

 10- Chumbe Island

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A preserved treasure and a true example of ecological and sustainable commitment, this small private island is located a few kilometres from Zanzibar. Recognized as a protected nature reserve, it was created in 1991 to conserve this uninhabited part of the island. Coral reefs, tropical forests, rich flora and fauna, nature walks and discoveries of its history are the promise of a unique day out.

The protection of biodiversity is at the heart of the priorities of Chumbe Island, which is only managed by nature protection and education NGOs for children (many of whom go there to develop their knowledge of local biology). You can even stay on Chumbe Island as the local fishermen used to do in the past.

Zanzibar is also known as a favourite destination for newlyweds. if you then want to plan an exceptional stay during your honeymoon and you still have no idea, we propose you the site below to discover the 15 must-see destinations that you can visit with your love of life including Zanzibar.

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